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"Kado came along and mended my broken heart".

L.P. Newington, CT

A Message from Cheyenne


“When my dad and I first became part of KADO, he was so relieved that he didn’t have to worry about where my next meal was going to come from or who would take care of me if I got sick.

When my daddy died from lung cancer, I was so scared, but KADO was right there to provide for me, and always will be.

Today, I am so happy with my foster family who gives me so much love.”

“Thanks to KADO, my kitties are safe and I don’t have to stress about how they are going to get fed or when they need to go to the vet. KADO is there for us. Funds are extra tight and I am no longer able to afford to take care  of their financial needs.”

N. A. East Hartford

"I have a forever home".

Topher was rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina and wants you to know that he is very happy living with his new family as a KADO Kid.

“Thank God for KADO. Willow is my best friend and without KADO I wouldn’t be able to afford to keep him.” 


Windsor, CT

“Without KADO, I would not be able to have a dog. Several times, he has kept me from being overwhelmed by the depression that haunts my life".


Avon, CT


"With her help I was able to adopt Penelope, she is my love. A poet once said “Work is love made visible” and that is a perfect description of KADO.”

N.A. East Hartford, CT

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